Sunday, March 27, 2011

My most recent foodie adventures...

One of the first things people always say to me after finding out that I'm vegan is... wow, it must be hard to go out to eat. My response- well... it depends on where you go. I think I've proven from my recipe posts that against my brother's beliefs, I do not survive off of rabbit food. When I go out, I refuse to let salads be my only option. Peet's Coffee and Tea has vegan cookies and scones, In-N-Out has their "veggie burger" (with no special sauce and cheese), Thai places almost always have an array of tasty vegan options, Chipotle's got a veggie burrito (or bowl) that can be vegan with black beans (and no cheese or sour cream), the Public House is always serving their (seasonal!) "Public Veg", Mediterranean places have falafel and hummus, and of course there is the Herbivore and Native Foods.... Get my point yet? I like good food, I like my good food to be vegan, and I REALLY like when I can find good vegan food when I'm out and about.

Exhibit A: Vegan mac & cheese, paired with Sterling's Sauvignon Blanc.
Who: Daniel, Nick, Molly, Crystal and me
When: Last weekend
Where: Homeroom, Oakland, CA
Why: Because I've been craving mac and cheese since I've been vegan and nothing has hit the spot like this before. Why wouldn't you want to check out a new restaurant that only serves 9 different kinds of mac & cheese (and of course a great selection of beverages and sweets)?!

Exhibit B: Vegan cinnamon roll with hazelnut frosting, topped with pecans and bananas.
Who: Alexandra, Nick and me
When: Last weekend
Where: Cinnaholic, Berkeley, CA
Why: Because one of my childhood best friends (who is also vegan) lives in Pennsylvania and recommended this place to me... that's saying something. Cinnabun has got nothing on this place. If you're anywhere near Berkeley, you have to taste them for yourself. If you're far away, no excuses- you can order them online here.

Both the vegan mac & cheese and vegan cinnamon roll were dangerously delicious and I will be back for more after a few trips to the gym. Thanks for reading :) - T